New Hampshire i-131 at Hopkinton Animal Hospital provides treatment for hyperthyroidism in cats and guinea pigs

Welcome to New Hampshire i-131 at Hopkinton Animal Hospital

Radioactive Iodine Injection (I-131) is the only cure for hyperthyroidism in cats, with an over 98% cure rate.

As cats age and move into their senior years, they can develop hyperthyroidism — a thyroid disease where too much hormone is produced. When this hormone is elevated, it can cause a range of symptoms from heart and kidney disease to weight loss and their metabolism running too high. Other signs can include hyperactivity or lethargy, appetite changes, increased drinking, behavioral changes and diarrhea. 

If left untreated, hyperthyroidism can be fatal, but fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. Hyperthyroidism can easily be treated with a Radioactive Iodine Injection (I-131) resulting in a cure rate of over 98%. i-131 is considered the gold standard for treating hyperthyroidism.

Hopkinton Animal Hospital, in Hopkinton New Hampshire, has a highly experienced board-certified provider with over 15 years of administering I-131 as part of our comprehensive and complete care offered to feline family members. 

Additionally, I-131 is also widely used to treat hyperthyroidism in guinea pigs. Click here to learn more.